The Ontario Aggregate Map (TAMO) is a app based digital solution to easily link commercial buyers of aggregate products to the suppliers of those aggregates.

TAMO works like this:

1) Suppliers provide us with product, pricing, and pit, quarry, and depot location data, that data is then fed into a map-linked database we have designed, which is then accessed by the buyer through a mobile app that we have created.

2) On the app, the buyer selects the products they want and the location of their worksite and they get the list of suppliers that have the products they need, the pricing information for the products, the distance between the supply and the worksite, and contact information for the suppliers.

3) Buyer gets the product they need, supplier gains a customer.

If you are a supplier of aggregate products, please get in touch with Greycoat Software to have your company's information included in our suppliers database for free. If you are a buyer, feel free to download the early release of our app to get an understanding of its power.